INVESTCOM RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established on March 21, 2005, one of the most prestigious companies in the natural rubber processing and exporting industry; import and sell building materials, furniture products. Since then, we have always focused on building and maintaining a leading brand image in Vietnam product quality and customer service.


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Rubber tree with scientific name is (Hevea brarileneis) belongs to the castor family, native to South America. Rubber trees were first introduced into Vietnam in 1877.In 1877, rubber trees were…
Experts forecast that in the medium-term period from 2021 to 2024, the world rubber price may enter a new price increase cycle due to the decreasing supply of rubber. Vietnam's…
Rubber prices have turned to the highest level in more than 3 months recently thanks to favorable factors of demand, supply and the impact of oil prices.In the first months…
According to statistics, in our country, rubber smallholder area still accounts for a large proportion, about 53% with more than 265,000 households. There, people plant, care for and harvest rubber…
In the past 11 months, Vietnam's natural rubber exports reached 1.7 million tons with a value of nearly 3 billion USD.Compared to the same period in 2020, the amount of…